Arctic Hunter USA • Best Backpacks Brand
The history of Arctic Hunter has more than two decades. Since its founding in 2000, the Arctic Hunter manufactory has consistently followed a wide success and recognition. The bar of high quality was strictly set initially and maintained in the future, which allowed the products to consistently meet the requirements of the most demanding consumers.

Arctic Hunter pays special attention to the design of backpacks, organically combining fashionable minimalist style with thoughtful functionality. More than 300 employees at the factory and more than three dozen specialists from the design department are involved in the development and production of each model from the brand line.

During the existence of the Arctic Hunter company, its specialists and designers have developed many technologies and practical solutions that have been patented and subsequently implemented in specific models of backpacks. Own innovations helped the brand's products to develop new markets and at the same time progress in quality.

Today, Arctic Hunter brand backpacks are distributed in various countries of Southeast and East Asia, Europe and America. Thanks to the successful expansion, the brand name has become a household name, it has begun to be associated with functional and high-quality backpacks, to symbolize them. This further confirms the growing popularity of brand backpacks. The company continues to build new plans to enter the markets of other countries, qualitative development and expansion of the range